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We-Consult has got the knowledge and resources you need to dramatically improve your software products, and we are accustomed to dealing with and solving peculiar problems.

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

  • We provide software architecture consulting to help you gain a better understanding of your enterprise through appropriate artifacts and help to eliminate bottlenecks.
  • We advise on the choice of tools and platforms that are the most suitable for your purposes.
Demand Management

ICT Demand Management

  • We assist entities to develop a process that enables them to optimize ICT investments, through fact-based decisions.
  • We advise on the identification of the stakeholders/role-players and the categorisation of the different types of ICT Demand.
Process Improvements

Business Process Improvements

  • We analyse your processes and organization, to identify the potential to optimize and/or innovate.
  • We measure expected and derived efficiencies and communicate these to the appropriate stakeholders, appropriately.
Project Management

Project Management

  • Our Project Managers help you to drive your initiatives forward, with appropriate approaches, and can be relied upon; to lead the most critical digital missions where change is at the heart of the project.
  • Our Project Managers are trained consultants to guide your stakeholders in a structured way, to a consensus, and toward the desired future state.
Test Management

Quality Assurance

  • Our Test Managers are trained and certified to help you validate your most critical IT applications before going live.
  • They test to find issues early on and do so efficiently while the cost of fixing is still low, helping development teams to “shift left” the testing.
Cloud Consulting

Cloud Adoption Journey

  • We assist with planning a safe migration to the cloud or building a new system.
  • We advise you on the appropriate cloud services to use and provide you with a clear roadmap for the entire enterprise cloud journey.

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